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8-10 Year Old

8-10 Year Old

Music teachers, I know you are convinced the method you are now using is the best on the market. You are use to using it and it would take effort to switch to another method. As I have taught many years I understand your position, but let’s seriously examine our goal. Isn’t it to give our students a strong foundation in note reading and timing first and foremost. How many times have you had a student struggle with reading the notes and stumble with timing because they can’t figure out the next note. Have you had them quit because they just don’t like music. I certainly did and the Animal Note method was my solution to this problem. Because it is based on associative learning and has word clues to help remember the notes location on the Grand Staff and keyboard, it is easy to learn and transfer the knowledge to standard music notation. The “Timing for Children” in the Animal Notes so the student can easily read the music and concentrate of the second important element of music, getting the notes in the correct proportion to each other.

Starting your young student in the Animal Note method means success for you. It is different, I will not deny that, but it works. Different is not bad, it is just different. Try it with your next beginning student, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Parents, if you are searching for a method that will lead to your child will succeed in piano, please suggest this to the child's teacher, or teach your child yourself. This method is written so anyone, (whether they have had piano themselves of not,) will be successful when start the child in their life to play piano and love music. Check out, you will be delighted you did.


"I love note-i-mals because after you learn the animals you can play anything!
- Richard - age 8