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5 Year Old

5 Year Old

If you are visiting this web site and have a 5 year old child you would like to start on piano; we hope you will give the Animal Note method serious consideration. Many established teachers will not accept a child who is under 8 or not in the third grade. They feel learning to note read is too difficult for younger children, and it would be impossible for them to use their hands correctly. Our Music Studio and our many satisfied customers have found the Animal Note method not only allows younger children to begin music, but also learn quickly and truly enjoy what they are learning and accomplishing.

Five year olds are so eager to learn, and the timing is so good for them to start piano lessons. They have not yet gotten involved in too many out-of-school activities. They are learning math principals in their kindergarten class that can be applied to music (and sometimes vice-versa). They can concentrate for most of a 30 minute lesson, if it is varied and the atmosphere is positive. A child started at this age, using the Animal Note method, will have already built a strong foundation of note reading and timing; and will be well on their way to a life time of joy in piano by the time they celebrate their 8th birthday.

Music helps in a young child’s development in so many ways; it is a gift of a life time, a truly precious gift.


"I am thrilled with your program! What a difference it has made to my younger students who were struggling with note names. Thank you!"
- Sandy

My daughters have both started lessons using the animal note reading and have done amazingly well. I have also enjoyed learning with this book. In school, I never understood how to read the music. It sounds silly, but it really does work and I have been almost as excited as they are to learn. Thank you for finding a way to make it fun for them. Thank you for finding a way to make it fun for them.