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Guitar Teaching Products

Guitar Teaching Products

Books for teaching Note Reading on the Guitar – this is a list of books created for use in learning basic note reading on the guitar.

Learning the Guitar is not an easy undertaking, whether learning to note read to play a melody or as lead guitar or learning chords. The organization of the notes on the guitar does not make much sense to a beginner, so learning the notes is a challenge. Fingers of the left hand at first hurt from holding down the strings on the fret board and learning the fingering used for the right hand is so important. The Animal note method does give the student a way to learn the notes and a way to transfer the knowledge to standard music notation, and the student ends up being able to play the melody of songs they enjoy and want to share with others.

Note Reading for the Guitar” introduces the notes on the Grand Staff that are used when playing music on the guitar. It uses the open notes and notes located on the top three frets of the guitar. On each page there is a chart of the notes being studied and their location on the Grand Staff of Music. Simple little songs provide practice for each additional set of notes learned and the relationship of the notes to each other. When these notes are learned the student can play the melody line of most songs with no problem. Chords are not used in this book, unless it is a partial chord that is printed as part of the music

Animal Note/standard note Flash Card Set" has a card for each note found on the Grand Staff. The front of each card has the Animal Note in its correct location on the staff with the corresponding standard note on the reverse side. A list of suggested word clues for each note is included with the card. These should be studied frequently; repeating the appropriate word clue for each note while viewing first the Animal Note and then its standard note. (Sometimes the child likes to call the standard note the back side of the Animal Note. It’s fun for them and sometimes helpful in their learning and understanding.) As the Guitar does not use all of the notes of the Grand Staff it is important to study only the notes important to this instrument.

Timing for Children” is a study in counting to learn the correct proportions between the notes and to develop the ability to hear these differences when they are seen in played in a piece of music. It is so important to play these proportions correctly. This is as much a part of building a strong foundation in music skills as note reading. Each note played must be identified on the Grand Staff and played in its correct timing when playing any piece of music.

"Fun Book–One” contains simple arrangements of songs familiar to most students. It allows applying their newly learn skills of note reading and timing. A couple of new notes are introduced, along with sharps and flats. It is always enjoyable to play a song that you recognize and those that listen to you playing will recognize. This book can be used in conjunction with the “Timing Book.” The last piece of this book will need to be modified as it has harmony notes that are not found on the guitar. It would be best to not include the harmony on the guitar at this point in your students music training.

Fun Book–Two” adds more harmony in the Bass Clef and new notes. Again, for most songs it will be best to only use the melody line of each song. Using this book will give your student more time to build their skills before moving on to standard music. You will find it beneficial to give your student an opportunity to play more familiar songs while they are learning the basics as it does encourage them to practice and learn.

Christmas Song Book” Like the “Fun Song Books,” this book gives the students a chance to play some songs familiar to them and others. However this book is based on a Seasonal Theme.

Basic Elements of Theory” is important when studying any instrument. This book talks about some of the important and fundamental elements using associative learning, thus providing a different way to introduce these important basics of music in a way a child can more easily understand. It is not a workbook, but a reference book, to be used when teaching and a place to later review these valuable facts.


"My husband so wanted to learn to play melodies on his guitar. He had tried chording and was not at all happy with his playing. You talked him into using your 'Guitar Note Reading' book and he is so excited. He now plays the songs he so loves and reads notes far better than I have ever been able to. I thank you so much for the happiness you have given him."
- Carolyn